I have been a member of Hubpages since 2007, how time flies! I never tried hard to use it to make money. I now have over 60 hubs of varying degrees of quality that are now making around $40-$50 a month just with Google Adsense.

I have mainly been using Hubpages to do some SEO experiments and try and get a couple of extra links to my websites. I did one product review type hub, where the products are around $450, but didn’t expect to make any sales.

I was checking my Amazon earnings and I found I had made a $450 sale, which I get about 5-6% of. The hub didn’t take long to write and I have zero knowledge of the actual products.

Although you might not see immediate results, doing keyword research, writing articles and knowing some basic SEO, like how to get links, can make you some decent money.

I suggest signing up with Hubpages and giving them a try.