I am currently in the throes of writing my new ebook. I started writing a guide on how to make money on the Internet. Then I started thinking, who is going to buy another “how to make money on the Internet ebook”?

I wanted to write something related to Japan, since I have spent almost the best part of 10 years here. English teaching? I haven’t done it for years and it seems like there are already a few people doing this.

Then I thought of a “Bachelor’s guide to Japan” (I haven’t thought of a subtitle yet). I registered japanbachelor.com today to promote the product. I am hoping it will offer some advice for guys visiting or living in Japan. I think it will be a totally non-PC guide guide to Japan for guys only. I am trying to put in various antecdotes and stories, so I think it will be interesting and funny even for people who will never make it to Japan.

For a limited time, I will give a free copy to the book, in exchange for a positive testimonial (and an ugly picture of yourself) to anyone who leaves a comment on this post.