I am starting to lose interest in this blog and I thought I would see if anyone was interested in buying it.

My writing goes back to 2004 and the site has some strong incoming links and has some good rankings for retire and retirement related keywords.

I can include the free ebook I wrote in the sale, which is a good way to build your own list.

The site doesn’t really make much money now as I am no longer really promoting it and I not really selling any products on the site.

I am looking for serious offers only that reflects the amount of work that I put into the blog and the content that has been written.

Update: I have had a bit of a rethink about the website and since no one seems to want to pay what I would like to get for the site, I have decided to keep running it for now.

I had thoughts of starting another website and then I realized how much work it takes to get a site going and building links to it, so I think it would be much better if I just keep trying to build on the content that I already have here.