With every new update to WordPress I am quite amazed at how much better it gets and is slowly but surely it is becoming the best CMS option available on the web.

I have used Joomla quite a bit and it has some good features, but I think WordPress surpasses Joomla in ease of use and flexibility.

One of the new WordPress options in 3.0 was the menu system. I believe WordPress took over an existing plugin and added it to the core system. You have to find a theme which supports the functionality, but it won’t be long before all themes support the menu system.

I had plans to make a new Bali travel site and found the excellent city theme from Woothemes . In just a few hours I had the site up and running and at least in my opinion it is looking fairly nice and has good potential.

I was a little confused by how to do the menus at first, but after a quick Google search I found a short description and found that it is so simple. You can drag and drop menus you want and as long as your theme supports the new feature, it will be updated as soon as you hit save button.