No one reads news sites regularly without noticing that there seems to be a lot of coverage on the environment and our impact on it. Another familiar motif appearing across the internet is the fact that our finite oil reserves are set to run out. No one seems to know exactly when this will happen, a time frame between ten and two hundred years has been speculated for decades now.

Whatever you believe from what you read, what is clear is that it is important to invest in a renewable energy resource as soon as possible; not just because of the reduced impact on our earth (although that is of course incredibly important) but because of the financial incentives present.

What financial incentives are available for people investing in solar panels?

In April 2010, the outgoing Labour government brought in the Feed-in Tariff to incentivise investment into solar/renewable technology. The Feed-In Tariff means that consumers are paid by their energy companies for the renewable energy they produce and also for the excess energy they sell to the national grid.

However, as with many things in the last year, the Feed-in Tariff is set to be cut. This means that anyone investing in solar panels after 31st March 2010 will be affected by the new rates, which will be reduced from the current 43p per Kilowatt paid out at the moment.

How do I benefit from the current generous Feed-in Tariff rates?/strong>

So, if you wish to benefit financially (the Feed-in Tariff combined with the savings you make on energy bills means you could be £1000 a year better off) and get the current generous rates, you need to invest in solar now!

When you invest in solar panels, you need to make sure that the installer you choose has a good track record and that their installations are of the highest possible quality.
This is why you should contact The Energy Conservation Group now.

Who is The Energy Conservation Group?

The Energy Conservation Group is an excellent installer of solar panels and solar PV systems. Not only do they make sure their systems are a perfect combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. They are so confident about the quality of their solar PV systems that they offer a market leading 12 year guarantee on them.

The Energy Conservation Group will also watch over the output of your solar PV panels and act if anything goes wrong, providing you the customers with peace of mind and reassurance that you are being well looked after.

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