Nothing against John Reese who is an unbelievable marketer, but is anyone else getting sick of these programs getting pushed by the top bloggers, just to see who can get the most number of referrals?

It seems like you probably just need to send an email to Yaro Starak, Shoemoney, John Chow and Darren Rowse about your new product. If they promote your product/service positively, you can almost guarantee an immediate success with your launch.

Looking at Alexa graphs and charts it would seem that blogrush has been a huge success, but who is it really benefiting, other than perhaps the top few? I doubt that these bloggers even need visitors, from what is basically a traffic exchange program.

Blogging and internet marketing is becoming more like MLM everyday. People are already talking about “downlines”. *cringe*

I think John when he launched this, his idea was either to build it and sell out quickly after getting thousands of sign-ups, or to collect lots of data which he will then use to launch some kind of contextual advertising program, complete with a 10 tier affiliate program.