I guy from Belgium I had been out drinking with a couple of times who is currently on a year’s leave of absence from his job said to me, “everday feels like a weekend”. This is one of the nice things about working while traveling, but it can be difficult at times. Everyone around you is on holidays and enjoying themselves so it is sometimes difficult to get motivated to sit at a computer for long periods of time.

Here are some tips you can at least try to keep some balance in your life if you are working on the road:

– Try to stick to a Monday to Friday schedule. It is very easy when you are traveling to lose track of the days. By at least working hard Monday through to Thursday you can then give yourself some time off on the “weekened”.

– When you are on the internet, do all of the important, must do tasks first before spending time checking your stats, reading forums and blogs.

– Set yourself weekly and monthly goals and stick to them

– Wake up at regular times

– Work hard trying to make money writing articles, getting links to cover what you will spend say on a tour or a night out

I must be honest though, as much as I would like to follow the above tips, I am failing miserably.