I have been doing a few Linkworth and ReviewMe paid posts the last couple of weeks. I haven’t received any reactions from readers which leaves me to think that people don’t mind one way or the other. Perhaps if I had thousands of readers I would get a bigger reaction.

I feel a little guilty accepting the reviews as sometimes they are unrelated to this blog. Some people would probably consider themselves as “selling out”. I justify it by announcing that it is a paid review from the start. It reminds me of advertisements in newspapers that look like a regular article but has some kind of text displayed which identifies it as a paid advertisement.

John Chow
does quite a few reviews on his blog and even has another guy writing some of them. He is pretty honest with his reviews though. I must admit when I see a post that is a review, I tend to just skip over it. Although, if you are looking for a model to write a review I think John’s reviews are something to work from.

Of course I do it for the money, but is the only thing I currently do that I sit down write an article and receive a fee for. All the other content I produce on my sites, after writing the content, I have to sit back and wait to hopefully receive money from affiliate sales and advertising. So it gives me the feeling like I am doing something productive.

I think these paid reviews are just a fad that will probably eventually be replaced by some other form of internet advertising.