China is set to have 60 million bloggers by 2006 according to a Reuters article (via).

China is also moving its advertising from traditional media to the internet according to businessweek.

“…the slump has print publications scrambling to find new online models. The Economic Observer, a five-year-old Beijing-based financial weekly printed on pink paper (in a nod to London’s Financial Times), saw its ad revenue growth slow to 5% last year, from 100% three years ago. So the Observer has launched a lifestyle supplement to appeal to younger readers and is seeking a foreign partner to help upgrade its Web site, adding more graphics, video clips, and perhaps a search engine for financial news. “We must focus on changing our platform,” says He Li, editor-in-chief.”

I spent almost a year in China in 1999, just at the tail end of the boom in foreign investment. I also got caught up in the whole China thing, and spent some time studying Mandarin.

Now, we are possibly on the verge of an Internet boom in China. It has gotten me thinking how could I benefit from this growing market. I have gone out and registered a couple of China related domains, but still not exactly certain what I will do yet.

I am not sure if just going out and creating a Chinese language version of your site is a good idea, but it might be a good start.