I just want to respond to Jeff who left a comment on my previous post:

I added your blog to my RSS because I thought you might have something interesting to say on financial matters.

But your blog really has nothing to do with retiring “young and wealthy” does it? Just another boring personal blog

I started this blog on blogger.com in 2004. I was having trouble thinking of an appropriate domain. At the time I was interested in Robert Kiyosaki’s books. I wanted to write a blog on trying to put his advice to the test.

I bought several properties which now generate income for me. After starting that blog a friend told me about Google Adsense, which I added to the site and started making money. For that time real estate was the focus, but I became more and more interested in the internet.

Once you have bought a property and it is being rented out, there is not too much more that you can write about. What is going on in the internet world I find amazing, there are new opportunities to make money opening up all of the time.

I suppose the “retire” part of this site is not necessarily to retire at 50 or 60 and live off your 401(k) or superannuation which we say in Australia. It is more about having the freedom to do what you want with your life, whether it is working in a job, spending time with your family or traveling. In some ways I don’t like the traditional meaning of the word “retire”. Financially successful people may not “work” but they still spend time managing their investments.

I believe that even if you have a good stable job which you enjoy doing, you need to have multiple sources of income. If you are only relying on a single source of income whether it is a job, or a particular investment, you are putting yourself and your family at risk.

I started this site around the same time as Pfadvice and MyMoneyBlog, which have gone on to become very successful personal finance blogs. I suppose I haven’t had the same success, but this blog has been mainly for my own benefit, my own personal, financial journey. I bought several properties, site unseen so I could have easily gone down the path of this guy.

I am happy that this blog makes me some money. Since I started, I have seen many different, interesting blogs start up and most didn’t make it past six months. Other sites have been bought and sold several times over.

Jeff, I am sorry if you don’t find the site interesting, but have any helpful advice I would be happy to hear it. If there is anything anyone would like me to write about, I would also be happy to hear it. If you want to write an article, I would also be happy to print it here.