6 Free Apps That Will Save You Money

If your phone is so smart, it should definitely be able to save you some money, right? The good news is that it can, but not without a few budgeting apps and coupon apps to get it going in the right direction. If you’re hunting for ways to save money, stick to a budget, and cut your costs on gas and groceries, check out these 6 pocket-padding apps.

1. Mint

This ultimate money-tracking app can help you get your finances organized. While it works best partnered with a Mint.com web account, the app is great for basic budget needs. You can synch the app with your bank accounts and check your account balances on the go. Since it’s hooked up to your bank, Mint can also send you bill alerts and track your spending. You can also set up a budget, and the app will send you alerts when it looks like you’re hitting your financial ceiling. Just like the website, Mint’s app is easy to use and simple to read.

2. Skype

Skype offers free long distance calling with other Skype users: It’s a free and simple way to stay connected with smartphone, tablet, and desktop users across the globe. If you have a newer mobile device, you can use Skype to video chat with friends, toggling between your camera and theirs. It also offers an instant messaging option, which is also free. Additionally, you can call home and cell phones and even send text messages using Skype; although it isn’t free, it’s still a low-cost option in comparison to many phone plans.

3. Vouchercloud

This app is designed to help you find coupons immediately while you’re shopping. First, you check into a location, then Voucher cloud delivers discounts directly to your phone. You can also search through pre-set categories for discount on groceries, restaurant meals, movie tickets, and airfare. It offers both percent and dollar amount discounts. All you have to do is show your coupon at the checkout counter or to your server when you’re ready to pay.[1]

4. Redlaser

Using RedLaser, your mobile device’s camera converts into the key component of a money-saving device. The app uses your camera as scanner that checks an item’s price at other nearby stores and online shops. Once you scan the barcode, RedLaser will hunt for the same item for a lower price at local stores and online vendors like Amazon or eBay. If the scanner doesn’t recognize the barcode, you can enter it manually to perform a search. Either way, it’s a great way to find lower-priced alternatives and access them easily[1]

5. Coupon Sherpa

The Coupon Sherpa app is great because it rounds up hundreds of in-store online coupons from national retailers, which means you can use their coupons just about anywhere. You can get discounts at a variety of nationwide vendors, like Ulta, Express, Target, and Walgreens. They offer exclusive mobile coupons too. In fact, ShopRite, Foodtown, Giant Eagle, Ralph’s, and Genuardi’s have all begun offering coupons directly through Coupon Sherpa’s app. Just show the cashier the coupon when you’re checking out. The majority of the available coupons can be scanned, but a select few may need to be input manually. Regardless, it’s an easy way to save on groceries and essentials just with your mobile device.[2]

6. Gas Buddy

This app uses either use your mobile device’s GPS or your zip code to find the lowest gas prices in the area. First, the location feature shows you the available stations and their prices. Then, you use the map to see which stations are closest and how to get there. The Gas Buddy app is especially useful in unfamiliar areas, or if you have an immediate need, but it’s still nice to have close to home. Gas Buddy uses crowd sourcing, with means that users are responsible for updating gas prices. The app also lets you know how long ago each station’s prices were updated. There’s an incentive for updating gas prices too: you earn points for updates — these are exchanged for “tickets” that enter you in a weekly drawing for a $250 gas card. Who couldn’t use that?[3]

Keeping track of your budget and finding ways to save can be tough, so use all your resources. The right apps on your mobile device can really help you get organized and cut back on spending. Start today!

Rachel writes articles on loans, investment, and budgeting. She works for Check ‘n Go, a leader in responsible short-term lending.


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