I had a new idea for a business/website and after telling a couple of people about it, they did actually say that is not a bad idea. It is a web marketing site, and unlike my other sites I won’t be relying on Adsense or affiliate programs.

One of the cheapest, reliable hosting services I have found charges $30 a year for hosting and $10 for a domain name. They allow several my-sql databases and email accounts – about all I ever need from a hosting provider.

So before I make the $40 investment I thought I would review some of the success or failure of the sites I have set up.

Tokyo Essentials

PR: 6
Approximate Revenue to date: $3500+

I bought this site in April for $3000 and have spent quite a bit of time updating the site. I have not spent anything on advertising the site, relying on backlinks and search engines for traffic. It makes around at least $800 a month from Adsense and affiliate programs. I don’t spend much time these days on the site, but it is my best earner


PR: 0
Approximate Revenue to date: -$100

I thought this was an interesting domain name so I bought it and I thought I could later develop it into some kind of Japan portal. Revenue is still very slim has almost no traffic from search engines and is still in the red. I eventually decided to make a Japan job site and currently has 30 jobs listed.

I spend very little time on the site now. My hope is some recruiting company might be interested in purchasing it sometime in the future.

I have another couple of sites which I will try to do a review of over the coming couple of weeks.