It seems to me that internet marketers are really testing the waters as to how much they can charge for their products.

I listened to a podcast with a “Social Media guru” and it was mildly interesting and I later got an email promoting their product. I didn’t really have much intention to buy, but I wanted to see what they were selling it for. I gasped when I saw the price – $2,497, or four easy payments of $697.

Of course the program is “limited” to the first 200 people, before the “doors are closed”. I don’t plan on shelling out $2000 to learn about Twitter and YouTube, so in honesty I can’t really comment on whether the program is worth the money.

I think learning about social media is important and it is a good way to promote your business, but to me I think it is something that is pretty easy to learn by yourself.

There has been so much written lately about twitter and how to make money from twitter, yet twitter the company is struggling to find a successful revenue model.

I have participated in the 30 Day Challenge which is a free course and you can get a pretty good idea from completing what these kinds of programs are all about. The fact is, like with the 30DC most people start these programs with good intentions, only a few go on to complete the whole challenge.