Wow, it’s already February 2010 and this is my first blog post. I even missed making a new year’s resolution to post on my blog every day!

I am settling now into a new house in Bali and just trying to avoid the stress of starting a new business in a foreign country. I love living here, but sometimes no matter how great your surroundings are, you still have to deal with the usual problems that you face living anywhere in the world.

Anway I am now trying to get back into the swing of internet marketing and updating all of my websites. I want to get back into doing some article writing, blogging and want to write a new ebook.

My lists are going strong, but I don’t have much to sell to people and hoping to change that.

One thing I have been thinking about more recently is trying to utilize free blogging sites more. Before if I came up with a new idea for a niche website, I went out and bought a new domain. Often that is all I ended up doing with the website. My new idea is to set up a new blog on a site like blogger and just write some posts there.

I really wonder if people care that much about whether there is useful information on a blogger blog or whether it is hosted on their own domain. I suspect most people visiting the site don’t care too much at all, as long as it provides the information they are looking for.

I am not saying I am getting rid of any sites, just if I come up with new ideas for niche websites. This blog started its life on blogger and the service has come a long way since then. Adsense can be added with a click of a button and there are thousands of gadgets you can add to your site to give it more functionality.

If you are new to internet marketing or someone who is experienced and looking for a different strategy, I think you could do worse than creating a niche blog on blogger and get links to it using Hubpages and Infobarrel.