In today’s society millions of people are looking for easy ways to make a buck. There are many different outlets of revenue that don’t require a person to go sit in a cubicle for 9 hours a day. Utilizing your assets is not a new concept but many fail to see all of their assets. Some are renting out spare bedrooms, others sell garage sale finds online, but others are turning toward ways of using their car to make extra income. With the economy in the state it is in, you can earn extra income while offering a way for others to save. Here are a few ideas on how to use your car to make cash.

Car Wraps:

A car wrap is a huge banner that is put on your car for any particular company (i.e. Pepsi, Big Red Gum, Nike, or any local business). As you drive, you advertise for these companies and collect a monthly check. Unless you have a fleet of cars you won’t get rich from car wraps, but it is an easy way to get paid for something you do every day. Your pay is based on the amount of driving you do each week. The more you drive the more you make. There are companies you can contact that represent larger companies, or you may contact the company you would like to advertise for directly to see if they have a car wrap program.


This may sound like a trying task, but chauffeuring is one of the oldest professions and is fairly easy. Many visitors coming into town want the comfort of being driven around without the hassle of handing traffic or the expense of large limo companies. Many will post ads online asking for someone with a Lincoln Towncar or Sedan that is willing to get them around town for a few days. There are certain insurance requirements for chauffeurs; however, if this is not your true business, the occasional chauffeur gig won’t require any insurance changes. In larger cities this is a great way to earn a couple hundred dollars for your spare time.

Part Time Mover:

Those who drive larger vehicles such as a truck or van can earn extra money moving locals from one place to another. Occasionally it is as easy as moving a bed or a few boxes. Other times it can be an all day job moving an entire house or apartment. Moving companies are high priced and usually hard to schedule, so many look for the common driver with the right vehicle looking to make extra money. This can easily earn you supplemental income that usually ranges from $100-$300 for a few hours of work.


In almost every city there is someone down on their luck. Many are struggling to find employment even if it means looking outside their living area. If you are one of the many Americans that commute to a larger city for work, you are probably not alone and someone may need a ride. Check the online classifieds for postings from those who are looking for a ride to work near your job and arrange a weekly fee. This usually only covers a part of your gas expense, but is still a great way to make a little extra money for a drive you take every day.

Rent your car out:

The average car sits idled 90% of the time. For that reason companies have launched that allow the average person to safely and confidently rent their cars out. Getaround is one of those companies that offers a unit for your car that lets you rent it out when you aren’t using it. The unit combines WiFi, GPS and Keyless entry into your car for the customer. It also insures the driver and car owner in case of an accident. By using an iPhone app, the customer finds your car ad on the network and requests use. The same app allows the entry into the car and tracks the time used. The average price for rental is around $45 a day for use, however, that is adjusted depending on the type of car you own. A Tesla roadster can go for $50 an hour and a BMW Z4 for $15 an hour. This is a great way to earn extra income on your days off, while your working, or even if you go out of town.

Whether you are looking to make a few hundred dollars a month or just want to pad the expense of rising gas prices, there are ways to use your car to make extra cash. Take a look online for opportunities to utilize your greatest asset, your car.

Marcie McDonald is an insurance consultant who writes for She recommends checking here to compare car insurance prices, a site which also offers quotes for cheap taxi insurance.