I caught the plane from Medan (Indonesia) to Penang (Malaysia) today as my Indonesia visa was expiring. It is a very short flight and was just $37 (including taxes) on Air Asia. Waiting for the flight though I had time to listen to two very inspirational podcasts by Yaro Starak.

The first interview was with Caroline Middlebrook. I don’t want to go into all of the details, but one thing that got me thinking was how Caroline made a free ebook on setting up a wordpress blog. The ebook can be downloaded directly from her website without having to give her your email address. The ebook has made her thousands of dollars from providing useful information for novices by simply including a link to an affiliate program for web hosting.

I have at least one ebook that I have yet to finish, that I could easily apply this principle. Perhaps it will give me some new inspiration to get it finished!

The second interview was with a guy who writes a blog and makes money with freebie offers. He made around $32,000 working on his system part-time. Not something I am interested in doing myself, but it is pretty amazing since he just started doing it over a year ago.