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Two great new blogs to check out

Written by Mike

Topics: Useful websites

In a world of thousand dollar ebooks and membership sites, it is nice to find people offering no nonense, BS-free tips and advice for making money online.

Financial Hack As the author says on his about page:

You probably don’t know my name. You have likely never heard of any of my websites or blogs. I don’t sell anything. I don’t pay for advertising at all. I am not an A-List blogger and my website would still be considered quite small within its category. In all likelihood, you are a better writer than I am. You definitely know more about computers than I do. And despite all this, I take home a six figure income from the Internet.

This blog is going to be an interesting one to follow. I have known the author for sometime now and he has given me plenty of helpful advice. He has been working online full-time now for four years. He is a perfect example of someone who puts in a lot of hard work and has been very successful, despite keeping a pretty low profile.

Nerdy Nomad is someone else I have seen who has gone from making a small online income to one where she can now quit her job and make enough to travel through Asia while working on her sites. Again no-nonsense, bs-free tips and advice for making money online.

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  1. Thanks for the mention…always much appreciated. Making money online is easy if:

    1. You spend a lot of hours doing it.
    2. You’re stubborn and don’t give up.
    3. You are willing to work for peanuts the first two years.

    Not sure my site will tell you anything you don’t already know, but hopefully it will keep you from thinking that everyone making money is making it without any effort at all…

  2. Domtan says:

    Thanks for the links. Financial Hack looks interesting. And that is an impressive “About” page.

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