In a world of thousand dollar ebooks and membership sites, it is nice to find people offering no nonense, BS-free tips and advice for making money online.

Financial Hack As the author says on his about page:

You probably don’t know my name. You have likely never heard of any of my websites or blogs. I don’t sell anything. I don’t pay for advertising at all. I am not an A-List blogger and my website would still be considered quite small within its category. In all likelihood, you are a better writer than I am. You definitely know more about computers than I do. And despite all this, I take home a six figure income from the Internet.

This blog is going to be an interesting one to follow. I have known the author for sometime now and he has given me plenty of helpful advice. He has been working online full-time now for four years. He is a perfect example of someone who puts in a lot of hard work and has been very successful, despite keeping a pretty low profile.

Nerdy Nomad is someone else I have seen who has gone from making a small online income to one where she can now quit her job and make enough to travel through Asia while working on her sites. Again no-nonsense, bs-free tips and advice for making money online.