Travel is usually associated with leisure and anything but work, but if you are developing an internet business, it can be possible to combine the two and even improve your financial situation and build your business at the same time. This idea is not going to work for everyone, especially if you have children, but if you are single or have a partner who is willing to accompany you, it is entirely possible.

This idea is also only going to work if you have a business that can be mostly run on the internet. If you need to be taking calls during business hours, it could be difficult. However, if you think from the start as to how you can structure your business model so you don’t have to be working 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, not only will you be able to travel, but you will likely come up with a business system where you are not tied to it, like an employee is tied to their job.

Living costs

One of the hardest things with starting a business is building and maintaining a cash flow which can sustain your living costs. One way you can use travel to improve on this situation is to live in a country or region where living costs are low.

Consider for example where I was staying not so long ago in Nha Trang, Vietnam. It is a beach resort with plenty of places to stay starting at around $5 a night or $150 a month. I heard that could rent a house for around $100 a month. If you are in a hotel you basically have no household bills to pay – no bills for electricity, water or gas.

You can get your laundry done for 50 cents a kilo. Food and beer is also extremely cheap. If you eat at one of the roadside food stalls you can get a rice dish with BBQ’ed pork and salad for 50 cents. A bottle of Saigon beer is just 50 cents at most places.

Internet access

As long as you have your own laptop, numerous places offer free WiFi for the price of a coffee, usually around 50 cents. Connections are not the fastest in the world, but usually fast enough to get your work done.


Other than the obvious cost savings, you will also find yourself with more time on your hands to either work or to spend at your leisure. Think of it – no commutes, no housework (even at cheap hotels they have staff to clean your room), no cooking and no laundry. You can live wherever you want, whether it is on a hill station in India or on a tropical island in Thailand. Since you are free from the usual distractions in life, the time that you actually spend working is likely to be more productive. Travel often brings new experiences and the chance to meet new and interesting people from every corner of the globe.

Other considerations

Of course you still need to get to your ideal location, but if you fly out of season you can usually get a good deal. You will also need to purchase some travel insurance and you need to keep abreast of visa regulations of staying in a particular country. Working in an idyllic location may require a little more motivation for some people, but if you think of the possible alternative to being stuck in a cubicle it might help keep you motivated to do a little bit of work each day.