This excellent web site, provides a comprehensive review of the bankruptcy process. The site is easy to navigate, and the information is well-written and clear. In addition to providing information about Chapter 7 and Chapter13 bankruptcy, the site discusses common economic causes of bankruptcy, such as job loss and medical expenses. Another section offers information and advice on the period after successful discharge of a bankruptcy.

The site offers a free consultation with one of their bankruptcy lawyers. The consultation requires completion of an online form covering motivation, bills, assets, and budget. Filling in the information would be a good exercise for anyone who has debt. A debt calculator is available to help you determine debt level.

The bankruptcy lawyer locator gives you an address, maps, and driving directions. One tiny glitch is that some addresses with directions in them, such as 1st Ave. N, have been entered as 1st Ave North, causing an error and requiring another click to get to the map.

A quick prowl through a section on celebrity bankruptcy reports that Abraham Lincoln declared bankruptcy when his grocery store failed, in addition to documenting bankruptcy filings by famous actors, singers, athletes. Besides this section, which will make you feel a little better, there are links to outside resources such as message boards and debt counseling services.