Most people have already heard of Text Link Ads and Linkworth as a marketplace for selling and buying links. TNX is a new player in the market getting set to become an alternative text link broker in the space to buy links.

The process for adding sites to list in the marketplace is very straight forward. You will need to place some PHP code into your site for the links to display properly. They have a points system where you can earn points from doing various things like adding more sites to their system and purchasing links.

Currently 1000 points is between $0.63 – 1.26 depending on the number of links you buy.

The minimum purchase price for a PR7 link is $6.3 a month, which sounds to me like a bargain. The maximum price is 20 times this value. They have a fairly neat little price calculator which you can instantly calculate how many links you will get for your budget, depending on the highest page rank you select for the your links to appear on.

When you join you get free bonus points to test the effectiveness of the TNX system. They also have discounts of up to 50 per cent for SEO experts. TNX is currently running a campaign on Digital point forum where you can get free links to your site just by joining up.

They have an impressive 31,233,782 links sold and currently have 29,156 users. Not surprisingly, TNX also have an affiliate program to help you make more money from the program.