Flights are usually one of the biggest expenses of a vacation and any money you can save on your flights, you can put to staying in a better hotel or for extra spending money.  Here are some tips which can help you to find a cheap flight.

Check out your favorite airlines social media

Many airlines are trying embrace social media, like Facebook and Twitter. One way they are using social media is by writing about special deals and promotions they are running.  Get updates to your smart phone to be notified immediately of any upcoming deals.

Deal websites

Airfarewatchdog is a popular site for finding the cheapest flights.  They also have an option where you can sign up for alerts to receive information on the latest deals for the routes you are interested in.

We live in an age of outsourcing and it is possible on the website Flightfox to have other people to search on the internet for you to find the cheapest flight available.  This is a good site to use when you have a complicated itinerary and you will get excellent suggestions that only flight experts will be able to come up with.

Avoid holiday times

If possible, fly outside of the peak holiday season, both from the place you are departing from and the place you are flying to. Prices for flights rise dramatically at the start and end of holidays.  The busiest days for flying are generally Friday, Sunday and Monday; so those days are good to avoid also if possible.

Check prices for different airports

Some airports are more expensive than others to fly into, which can also influence the price of a ticket.  If you don’t mind traveling a little when you arrive at your destination, you might also want to consider flying into a cheaper airport.

Check all extra costs before making your final decision

When comparing flight quotes from different websites, be sure to compare the base price plus all of the extras you might need to pay.  Taxes, security, airport taxes, fuel surcharge are just some of the extra charges that get added to your booking.  Some websites might quote a low fare, but not include these charges until you get to the very end of making your booking.

Flight bookings have become very granular, where you can add or take away various options.  Meals, baggage allowance, extra insurance, are just some options that can be added or taken away.  Booking sites can sometimes be a little sneaky in adding in extras that you might not even require.  Pay particular attention to your checked baggage allowance.