Believe or not, I am actually spending more and more time on this blog. I am making a little more money on it than I used to thanks to mainly Text-Link-Ads, Linkworth and Review Me. The increase in income makes me feel like trying to put more effort into the blog. Although, trying to think of something new and interesting to write every day is not as easy as it sounds.

My politics teacher in high-school teachers encouraged us to spend time thinking when doing mundane things like house work or taking public transport. I kind of do this now when I am thinking of things to write here. So much so that whenever I am reading, watching tv or just traveling around I keep thinking of potential blog posts.

Even though I am working for myself and I can time off whenever I want, I feel like I am getting into a pattern of working Monday to Friday in line with the US working week.

Kontera contacted me the other day to see if I was interested in trying their service. Adsense has never performed well, so I am always looking for new income sources for this blog. I also have a couple of reviews to write. I must admit, I don’t particularly like writing the reviews and with the extra money I am making I can now afford to pay someone else to write them if I am feeling lazy.

With the increase in ads on the blog, I have decided to disclose my earnings for this site every month. I am also thinking of running the occasional competition to give something back to my readers. Let me know if you have any ideas for an interesting competition.