It is a dream of every male and female that enters the business world. They think constantly about what life would be like once they gain enough experience in a company to go to work in corporate instead of in a regular division. 

With these dreams come nightmares about what their life might be like once workers achieve the dream of an executive job in corporate at their business.

Will I ever see my family again because I’m constantly on the road? Do I have to miss family activities because of job commitments? What if I work so hard at this job it starts to affect me physically and emotionally?

The reality is no business wants to turn its employees into workaholics, but sometimes the demands of the working world do intervene. Still, companies want their workers to juggle home and family life and do it in such a way that no schisms are created. Sure, you might have to take a business trip on occasion, but you will have enough notice to plan around family events.

Although your days may be long, you may be able to get away and see your child’s concert, ballet recital, or ballgame without fear of reprisal from the higher-ups – in many ways, because you are one of the higher-ups now. The only people you may answer to are a select few, and chances are they have families to run with the same responsibilities.

The reality is corporate jobs come with plenty of perks. Your salary will likely be much higher than it would have been in a standard office job. Depending on how big your company is, you might be eligible for preferred parking at your building or in a downtown garage close by. The car you drive might be supplied by the company, perhaps on a program like “lease new every two” (referring to years).

Expense accounts are often the rule rather than the exception, meaning you will get to entertain clients at a restaurant with a higher quality level than your average garden-variety chain. Lastly, corporate offers some buffeting from the job cuts that hit firms on a regular basis. Although there is no guarantee your job is safe, the chances are you will withstand a company restructuring better if you are in the corporate suite.

How can corporate-level workers successfully influence employees? Corporate gifts such as food baskets, gift certificates to restaurants or hotels, or show/sports tickets are a big way to get employees revved up for the task at hand. Rather than stay in the glass tower, walk around the office floor. Make yourselves noticeable. Treat employees like human beings instead of cattle led to the slaughter. You were once at this level. You would know, more than anything, how you would want to be treated.

Money and perks are part of the corporate setting. However, sharing those perks – or at least offering separate perks to motivate employees – should be common practice at every company. You may motivate future workers to aspire for a corporate job themselves someday.