For the past month or so I haven’t read a single book. Traveling through Vietnam and Laos the pickings have been pretty slim, especially in the way on non-fiction.

I am in Bangkok now and I picked up a copy of “The World is Flat” after hearing it had some similar themes to the Four Hour Work Week. Most business books are usually slow going, but I have found that I can’t put this one down.

For people working in technology or internet related industries, a great deal of the information in the book is fairly common knowledge. Some of the stories however were picked up on the author’s travels to India, China and Japan. For anyone who thinks that India and China are taking away jobs in western countries, this book is a must read.

Since, I have worked in IT for several years, I was pretty much against the whole outsourcing debate, but since I have been working on the internet I have seen how outsourcing and globalization makes more and more sense.

He also writes how the internet is empowering individuals to be content producers, or “uploaders” as he calls them. Again, fairly common topics, but the author has some great examples of how this happening and he has a great way of explaining how this is going to effect how we will be doing business in the future.