Creating a site that goes viral is not an easy task. One way is to piggy-back off a topical news story. I have seen this happen a few times recently with some success.

Some of you may have heard of Corey Delaney. He is a 16 year old Australian kid who held a party at his house that went out of control. For some reason, it became a big news story in Australia and around the world.

A web design company had a bright idea by putting up this website: Slap Corey. It is a simple, clever idea that is pretty funny (better with the sound on). The site was mentioned in several newspaper articles. While, I doubt they will make any money from it, the inbound links and traffic could be a good way to promote another site or business.

Your probably don’t want to have any advertising on the site to begin with, but once you get some good inbound links it shouldn’t be too much of a problem by putting some ringtone type advertisements on the site.