Trading Concepts Inc is a Stock trading course for people looking to make money on the stock market.

The course is run by Todd Mitchell who has been trading since 1988. The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. The program includes personal mentoring to help people from all levels of experience.

The guarantee their stock trading system to provide a high level of investment education and sure people reach their goals of financial security. The course is a mixture of both theory and practical information.

It takes around 2 weeks to a month to learn the theory studying around 30 minutes a day. The course is written in jargon-free, simple English. Todd suggests that you will need to have around $2,500 to start trading and using his system. The course includes a web based trading program to help analyze your strategies.

The course is not simply an email alert system telling you when to buy and sell stocks, but an education where you can learn to trade yourself.

They offer a free seminar on DVD which you can use to help evaluate their training before you outlay any cash.