I am planning to spend a bit of time in Indonesia. There are so many things that fascinate me about the country. Aside from Bali however, it doesn’t get much attention.

Anyway I have decided to start a new blog on life and news in Indonesia – AboutIndonesia.com. I found really nice magazine like theme which is available for free. I tried to write enough posts on the site, to look like it was a complete website.

I have already been contributing to an Indonesian expat forum, so my first step in promotion was easy as I just added the site to my signature and I have gotten my first visitors that way.

I have added some links from my existing sites so the search engine bots can find my site, although I am not getting any traffic yet from the search engines.

Next I added quite a few Indonesian expat blogs to my Google reader and have been leaving comments on those blogs. A couple of people have since checked out my site and have left some comments. I have asked a couple of blogs to add my site to their blogroll.

Most of the blogs I found were on hosted domains like blogger and wordpress, so they already have pretty good page rank. Since the blogs are not commercial in nature, as long as you engage with the other bloggers, most will link back to your site. As we all know every link you can get to your site is gold and some sites spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on this.

I have added Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Yahoo explorer. Next I will hit some directories. I couldn’t find any Indonesia related blog carnivals, so I started my own. It should be another good way to get some new links and traffic.

My goal is also to post at least one new entry a day.

What else would you do to promote a new blog?