I have just added a news feed from Property Talk to my blog. I have had a quick look at their discussion and their forum looks to fairly active. I will be spending a bit more time there this week.

I have started the application process setting up a trust. I just can’t think of a good company name. I guess it will be something related to Japan.

Someone has contacted me about the idea I had about helping Japanese invest in NZ and Australia. It seems like he also had the same idea when he was in Japan, but nothing came out of it. If there are any developers out there who need some buyers please do not hesitate to contact me. I am sure I could get a lot of interest if I organized a seminar or put an advertisement in a magazine here in Japan.

When I started doing this I thought I would have to rely on buyer’s agents to help in finding positive cash flow deals, but I was able to find a couple that looked promising and I would be saving on agent’s fees. I really need to start calling real-estate agents. Once I establish some email contact with agents I could make calling them part of my morning routine.