It has been nearly a month since I posted my last entry to this blog, which is probably the longest break I have had from writing here. I suppose I felt like I needed to take a break from blogging after the Olympics. I am actually writing this from Australia, where I arrived back in Melbourne last week.

The visa problem I had was never resolved. Worse still, the agent I was dealing with disappeared and I never got my passport back. I then had to explain to Chinese immigration why I had lost my passport and overstayed my visa. It was a little nerve racking, but fortunately I got away with just paying a fine.

I spent so much time on the Olympics site, I am now at a bit of a lose end. Fortunately, my other sites don’t require too much maintenance, but continue to earn passive income from Adsense and affiliate programs.

I have been doing some thinking since the Olympics and I want to change the focus of how I make money on the internet. I learned some good lessons blogging the Olympics. I used to think building hundreds of niche websites was the way to make money, but now I believe it is better to have one or just a few solid sites that you spend 90 per cent of your time working on.

So now I am brainstorming my next project and deciding on which sites I want to keep working on and which ones I want to cull.