Outsourcing has become a way of life for most first-world people these days. We don’t make our own clothes, grow our own food, or do major renovations. But should you outsource things like cleaning the house, changing your oil, or mowing your lawn? These tasks are simple and don’t take up much time, but many people dislike them, so they are willing to pay someone to do it instead. You need to look at your job situation, your monthly costs, and your personal mindsets to decide if outsourcing is right for you.

Pros to outsourcing

You don’t have to do it

The key reason most people outsource jobs they dislike is because it is then off their hands. If you work long hours and are too busy to clean your house, outsourcing that can free up some much-needed time to spend with your family or relaxing at the end of a difficult day. Plus, it eases the stress and anxiety that comes with a pile of unenjoyable tasks sitting on your to-do list as your house gets dirtier and your lawn turns into a jungle.

A professional will be in charge

Some people are great at keeping a sparkling kitchen and quickly changing oil without spilling a drop, but there’s a good chance that you’re neither. When you get a professional to do a job, you are paying someone to do the job well, and if they don’t you can either get yoru money back or at the very least find someone else who will. The job will be done better than your abilities and resources allow you to do, and you can come home to it completed to your satisfaction.

Cons to outsourcing

It’s more expensive

When you clean your floors, it costs you a few cents for water and soap and a little bit of your time (which, if you were planning on wasting in front of the TV, isn’t taking away from your income). When you get someone else to clean your floors, it will cost a chunk of cold hard cash. If you don’t have a lot of money but have some free time around the house, paying someone else to do this job for you isn’t worth it. Look up some tips to make you more efficient, suck it up, and do it yourself.

Someone can take advantage of you

When you pay someone else to do a job for you, you open up the possibility of being taken advantage of. The mechanic could tell you that you need costly repairs, the house-cleaner could charge you too much for the work you’re getting, or any number of possible situations that could arise. When you take care of the work yourself, you don’t have to worry about adding another person into the equation that might not be completely honorable in their dealings. While this doesn’t happen that often, it is a possibility that you need to either avoid or watch carefully for.

Outsourcing can be incredibly useful when you have the money, could use the time, and are willing to relinquish control of aspects of your life to professionals. However, if your money is better spent (or saved) elsewhere, it might be best for you to change your outlook on the tasks at hand, find a way to make them a little more fun, and accomplish them yourself.

Ken Stanford is a financial advisor and shares his advice on everything from outsourcing to critical illness vs income protection. As the economy becomes less stable and unsure, many employees are considering their options for a redundancy insurance plan, similar to unemployment insurance.