This is something I have been thinking about today. Most internet marketing blogs and teachers recommend people who are just starting out to blog or make a website on a topic they are interested in or are passionate about.

I suppose there are a few people who will get lucky and find a topic they are strongly interested in and it makes them a lot of money. Most people however will not be so lucky with their niches.

Some will make money with their niche and eventually their traffic and income will plateau. Or they will get bored with those sites.

Some people who don’t care whether they are passionate about the niche or not, just focus on keyword research, affiliate programs and SEO and they get their enjoyment from finding and profiting from these topics.

I don’t want to say either method is right or wrong. If you did start making sites on topics you were passionate about and your earnings have hit a plateau, it can be a good idea to get into niche blogs and websites to diversify your earnings.

I used to want to just focus on one profitable website, but now I realize it can be more fun and profitable by trying to run multiple sites. I also recently have been having fun writing articles on topics, that I didn’t think anyone would be interested in.

I am just rambling now, but I hope anyone reading this can realize that there is no single answer to making money online. If your site isn’t making much money, don’t give up on it. One solution might be to split your time between making websites on topics that you are passionate about, with sites that you don’t have much interest in, but have the potential to make a lot of money.