The Shoemoney show on is currently one of my favorite podcasts. Shoemoney is doing live shows regularly and just by his nature you can pick up some great tidbits of information from his interviews and him just ranting.

He has been talking a great deal about his latest project Shoemoney could make plenty of money now by selling ebooks or internet marketing courses, but he doesn’t. He focuses on projects that he has an interest in and goes all out doing it.

Having lived in Japan for a long time I used to be a big fan of K1 and Pride. I could really get into doing a site like if I lived in the U.S. Shoemoney recognized the importance of getting a good domain name and he paid somewhere from $50,000-$100,000 just for the domain. The previous owner originally wanted $250,000 for it. Since he bought it, he has already been offered three times what he bought it for. If you are going all out like he is on a site, I think it is worthwhile getting a domain which is memorable, especially in an area where people might not be tech savy.

He is also doing a lot of off-line advertising like sponsoring events and doing ads on radio through Google, which again having a domain name which is easy to remember is really going to help. If you look at the site they have anything from 1000-2000 people online at anytime.

Listening to the podcasts has given me motivation for my next website. The domain I have for it, is not as good as what he has, but I think it will still work well.

I will be happy when the Olympics are over.