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If you are looking for a unique gift you might want to take a look at Shareinaframe. Shareinaframe offers framed stock certificates for a single stock in popular companies. You can purchase Disney stock and Harley Davidson stock certificates.

The framed stock certificates could be a perfect birthday, anniversary, graduation or corporate gift. The certificate could be a great gift for children or young teenagers to help inspire their interest in finance and investing. For Disney fans, giving a Disney share certificate will certainly delight anyone of any age.

Orders can be made online or by calling their toll free number. Deliveries of the stock certificate can take up to 3 – 5 weeks, so you will need to take some planning to get your order in early. The frame with personalized plaque and a certificate announcing the gift is sent by UPS within two days of the order being received.

There are several different choices of frames and colors including Black Lacquer and American Classic. They charge $33 to process the order which you then also need to pay for the price of the single stock and frame.

The company also has an affiliate program which could work well on a gift or novelty website. They also give a free stock away each month. Click here to enter the draw.