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September goal recap

Written by Mike

Topics: General

Wow, it is already the 3rd of October and I still haven’t managed to do a post recapping my goals from September.

Infobarrel goal – 50 articles – completed:50
Hubpages goal – 20 articles – completed: 1
Ezinearticles – 5 articles – completed: 1 (and it is still in review!)

As you can see, not a great result. I was concentrating mostly on Infobarrel this month. I started off really strong, doing more than one article in a day. I got a bit slack and then I thought I had written 50 articles, but it was actually only 40 and I have been trying to get to 50 over the past few days.

So how much money did I make from publishing 50 articles on Infobarrel? I made a total of $5 for September! It’s not going to make me rich obviously, but I did experience one of my best overall months with Adsense, so I have a feeling that it has helped lift my earnings. Also, I am writing on Infobarrel to get links to my own websites, so that has a positive effect also.

We sold a property through a website I recently set up, which is also going to make more money than Adsense. We are now planning on opening a shop to try and sell more properties and possibly do other business services.

I should try and get another 50 articles for October, but I think I will aim for 30 articles, which is just one a day and try to focus on my own websites and blogs.

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  1. hello says:

    well done!

  2. Wow. I have set so many goals like this for Info Barrel but I never quite reach them. Maybe I’m setting them too high. Very impressive results. 5 dollars a month is a great starting point. I hope to achieve that someday…

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