For the month of September, I have only made $675. This is down around $50 from the previous month. I noticed a big drop when we moved into September. The US suffered one of the worst natural disasters in recent history which probably had some affect. Earnings picked up towards the end of the month and my record for a single day was set this month. Also, since most of my earnings are from my travel site August is probably one of the best months.

Overall traffic was up and I launched my new site Traffic is picking up slowly for the site. I have gotten a couple of good links to the site, but it is still no where to be found in Google.

I have also added a Tokyo blog to my Tokyo site. I finally fixed the problem I was having with comments today. Somehow the permalink was setup wrong. It is my first time to use WordPress and so far I like using it. I will probably keep this blog hosted on blogger for a while yet. It is nice to use a few different blogging tools.

I have plans for another site and will start working on it tomorrow. New websites take a long time to get listed in search engines, to get traffic and make money. Websites are like a good wine – they gradually improve with age.