One of the best ways I have found to get motivated with making money online is to set goals and write about it here on my blog.

Anyone reading this blog over the past couple of weeks will have seen that I have been spending time writing articles for Hubpages and Infobarrel. To keep up the pace and not lose interest, I have decided to set myself the challenge of having 50 articles published on Infobarrel by the end of the month. This includes the eight I have already done and if I start now, it is only one article a day.

I thought about going for 100 articles, but I think that the articles would get progressively worse in quality and I would start to go crazy. I still need to monitor and keep adding articles to my existing websites. Since you can have two self-promotional links in each Infobarrel article, I have been writing articles that will actually make me money to link to. The article writing experiment has also motivated me to start working on the domains that I have been holding onto for years and creating mini-sites on them.

I now have 50 hubs published on Hubpages and again it would be nice to go for 100 articles there, but I think I will be busy enough with my Infobarrel goal, so I think I will just try to complete another 30 hubs on Hubpages.

Finally, I currently have 4 published articles on Ezine articles and I want to set a goal of having 10 published articles there by the end of the month. It can take more than a week there to get an article reviewed. I think once you have 10 articles published, the review process becomes a little quicker. One article I wrote there last week still hadn’t been reviewed, so I sent their support an email and they approved it straight away. They said they have a huge backlog of articles there recently to be reviewed.

I have noticed however, when I have been doing certain keyword searches, I have found ezine ranking for so many different phrases. So I think it is not surprising that SEOs are really targeting the site for links.

So by the end of the month my goal is to have:
50 articles complete on Infobarrel – all at least 450 words – current about 8 articles published
80 articles on hubpages – currently 50 hubs
10 articles on Ezinearticles – currently 3 articles published and one in review

Anyone want to join me in the September article challenge?