Holidays are great. I know that when I was working, I had a calendar on my desk and whenever I had a holiday coming up I used to mark off each day.

As I sat talking on the phone listening to problems and complaints (I used to do helpdesk support) I looked at that calendar to get me through the day.

The holiday was always great, but as it came to an end I always had a sickening feeling in my stomach as I knew work was just around the corner. After getting back to work, it often only took me a couple of hours before it felt like I had never been on a holiday. Putting my holiday pictures on my computer’s desktop was my only reminder.

Since I quit my job last December I have embarked on a long trip through South East Asia – Thailand, Cambodia and now Vietnam.

I had always dreamed of doing an overland journey through Asia, but never seemed to have the time or the money. Building a property and internet business has enabled me to do this, without having to finance it through my savings. In fact I have been able to save more money than I did when I was working, and I haven’t used my credit card once, since I started my trip in April.

I spend a little time each day pondering where I might want to go next and talking to fellow travelers about their favorite spots around the world. And the best feeling is that I don’t have to go to an office to make money.