I found this interesting article on how one could possible retire in your 30s via. Even just the thought of being able to retire in your 30s would have been unheard of until recently. For people who plan their finances and have some success with them, it is entirely possible.

I don’t think anyone who has the financial ability to retire in their thirties would just quit their work entirely and take up lawn bowls, but it does give people who have the financial means to quit their corporate jobs and pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

Not having a regualar income means you need to rely on money to come from a business or investments. This does take some time to manage, but hardly the time and stress it takes to fulfill the requirements of a regular job. The other advantage is that if you structure things correctly, you can live in almost any location, preferably with a lower cost of living.

My requirements for a suitable location would include:

– good food
– close to the beach
– low cost of living
– good internet connection
– friendly locals
– relatively safe