With the plethora of ebooks and internet marketing courses that are becoming available on the internet, I am constantly thinking about whether these people are truly interested in helping others create useful and interesting websites.

A story keeps playing in my mind a friend told me a long time ago. An advertisement was placed in a newspaper: “How to make a $100 in a week doing nothing. Send in $5 to get our report.”

The person sends in their $5 and gets the report. What does the report say? “Place an advertisement in a newspaper just like I did charging $5 to get a report on how to make $100 in a week doing nothing”.

Just because one person was successful following their own methodologies, does it mean others will be able to have the success? I would answer no, not directly. It is definitely possible to get some new ideas and to learn things you may not be aware of, but how many people will go on to really learn and apply the principles they learnt in the information? Perhaps only 1 to maybe 5 per cent at the most.

I am strongly convinced that the only way to learn is to read all of the free information on the internet, read technical and marketing books and to experiment for yourself.

If anyone can prove me wrong please let me know!