I am planning to stop traveling for a little while. I have been going since September this year, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. I am planning to stay in Medan in Sumatra for a while and spend some time working on my sites.

There aren’t really any apartments here, so you have the option of renting a whole house or a room in a house, kind of like a boarding house. I checked out a room yesterday and it was about $150 a month. It was furnished simply and had a television and attached bathroom. The house was in a sub-division in a really nice area with security gates. They even do your laundry for free and the rent includes all bills.

Only problem is that they don’t have internet. Another place I want to check out today is $220 a month and includes Wifi and cable tv. Food is also really cheap here, so Indonesia can be a great place to travel if you want to reduce your living costs.