The internet is full of sites with varying degrees of knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics and issues. One of these areas is the realm of relationship advice. Starting a website and generating the requisite traffic would be a cinch if you pick the right niche.

People are constantly looking for ways to improve or fix their ailing personal lives, so they look to a multitude of articles on the web for advice on how to get to the place they want to be regarding their relationships.

There are so many different angles one could take when starting a relationship advice website or blog. Here are a few suggestions for creating a successful relationship website or blog:

Relationships Gone Wrong

A site like this could focus on relationships that have gone awry. Rather than a best practices approach, the site could be humorous in nature, focusing on all the wrong moves that can be made in a relationship. Readers would more than likely see some of their mistakes in the stories on the site and learn from a more comedic approach to relationship advice.

Relationship 101

This type of site would be a sort of relationship primer, with advice on how to meet people, what is appropriate, etc. Basic rules of etiquette, advice on attracting the best possible people into your life, and scenarios fully outlined for those who are not very good at the dating scene would be the focal point of this kind of site.

Successful Relationship Stories

A completely opposite approach from the first idea, this relationship site would focus on nothing but the positive aspects of being in a relationship. Anecdotal stories and affirmations would be the main type of content posted on this page or blog. Positivity and nothing but good, heartfelt content could make a great inspirational relationship site.

Relationship Problems and Solutions

This type of relationship site would focus on common relationship problems and different options for solving these dilemmas. Topics would range from taking the relationship to the next level, commitment issues, and tougher topics like infidelity and breaking up. No stone would be left unturned on this type of relationship site.

This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of an MBA degree. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot com