Art of the Start, The : The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything
This book by Guy Kawasaki is a great book for anyone starting a business. It is written more for people with ideas for starting something new rather than someone setting out to start their own laundary-mat business.

The Millionaire Next Door
This book gives you an idea as to exactly who are the real millionaires in the United States, how they got their and advice for how you can get there to.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Classics – 3 Copy Boxed Set
These are the books that really started me thinking about investing and doing something about it. If you have no investments, don’t know how you are going to retire, up to your neck in debt, I recommend you start here with these books.

Trump: How to Get Rich
This book is a great light read. Trump doesn’t offer any specifics, but he does provide some interesting, humorous stories on how he deals with people.

Multiple Streams of Internet Income
This book by real-estate guru Robert Allen has some great advice for people who interested in making money on the internet. There are 1000s of books now on the subject, so this book is a good starting place for both people starting out and peole who are already operating web businesses. I find myself referring back to it often when I am trying to think of ways to improve my web-sites.