I generally don’t like writing about what another blogger has already written, but Problogger wrote a post on making making blogs that have sold recently. I was thinking of writing a similar post, but I guess now I need not bother.

Bloggingfingers.com – $6000
Ryanshamus.com – $2500 (who said you can’t sell a blog with your name as the domain!)
Onemansgoal.com – Bidding currently at $8000.

I would like to add one more to the list that Darren missed and that is cwire.org, which more than likely sold for more than $2300 which is what is listed on sitepoint at. Does anyone know what it sold for? The blog sale posts were deleted.

I remember when Onemansgoal.com started and it got a bit of attention amongst other bloggers. People visited his blog to see how this guy was going to reach his goal. I also remember him writing a lot of comments on the more popular blogs. It could be an easy model to copy, but I think it is a bit of cop out setting a lofty goal, gaining interest in your site and then selling it before the goal is even completed. But then again by selling the blog for $8000+ he is going to get even closer to his goal.

I don’t have plans to sell this site, but it is good to know that if ever needed money I could get something for it. I started the site in late 2004 (on blogger) but I did pick up the domain fairly early and just redirected it to blogger (back when I thought godaddy was a good company!)

I have been penalized for selling links, resulting in a drop of PR, but I have some pretty good incoming links. One way I have found lately to getting more links to your site, is getting your site into various lists. People then tend to reproduce those lists on their own site. The reproduced lists tend to be static and don’t get updated by the owner. Creating your own original list is also a good way to get new links to your site.

It is going to be interesting to watch if the new owners will be able to maintain the interest levels in these blogs.

Update: The deal for onemansgoal.com fell through and it has been re-listed. It will be interesting to see if he can get $8500 for it.

Another 4000 sale as reported by 45n5. The blog started just in July this year.