I have been looking on the internet for property in Japan. Some are unbelievably cheap. I know most people don’t agree buying property in Japan is a good idea. Decreasing population, decreasing land values and so on.

However, I believe rather than problems, there could be a lot of great opportunities out there. I can buy a one room studio apartment with a bathroom and kitchen for around $US50K. I believe I could rent it out at around $800-$900 a month. A return of around 20%! Believe it or not, but you can actually rent an apartment in Japan which doesn’t have a bathroom or kitchen!

I have written about the cost renting an apartment in Japan before. By not charging “key money”, I could charge slightly higher rent. Just 4 of these and I could be on the retirement path!

I have read about a foreigner that despite the over-supply in office space in Japan, he buys up the tall and narrow, pencil type buildings and converts them into storage lockers. A great example of turning a problem into an opportunity.