I have been getting a few emails lately asking if I will either link or write something about their new website. It is sometimes hard to write something about a new blog that just has a few entries. I exchanged links last year with a few different blogs and I went back a few months later and found that on some of blogs I was linking to hadn’t written had been updated for a long time.

It know it is very difficult getting links to a new site and it reminds me of when I started trading on Ebay. When you join Ebay, you have zero feedback. Feedback is Ebay’s system which buyers and sellers use to judge people on their worthiness as a buyer or seller. It is very difficult to sell something if you have zero positive feedback. So people generally go and buy a few things to get their positive feedback up. You make sure you pay your money quickly for the item and write some good feedback for the seller. Once you build a reputation as a good and fair trader, you then tend to get people following your trading and can often sell your products for higher prices.

Websites or blogs are no different. It is getting more difficult for new people starting out on the Internet to get noticed. No matter how good your content is, you aren’t going to make much money without any decent traffic. One good way is to reach out to more established webmasters. You can try drawing attention to sites or articles you have written, or ask for a link. However, link requests are probably going to be sent straight to the trash.

If you really want to get noticed, you need to become an active part of that website’s community. On most blogs you can leave comments. If you become a regular contributor to the site you might be able to help out the webmaster in some way.

Some ideas could include:

– becoming a moderator in a forum
– contributing articles
– designing a new logo
– signing up to an affiliate program through their link

Some people might think, that it looks like a lot of work just to get a couple of links, but what you are doing is building a valuable relationship with a higher profile site. Like any relationship it takes time to build. If you are the one with zero feedback, you are going to have to do a lot more of the giving than the taking. Once you establish a good relationship with the higher profile site, it is going to be much easier to ask for a favor back.