I have been going a bit mad with Hubpages, writing more articles than I normally would with my websites. I suppose that in some way I am restricted on the themes I can write articles for on my websites and after a while it is easy to get stale.

With a site like hubpages, you can write about just about anything. It seems that there are a few “newbies” there looking to make a buck online, so it is easy to write stuff for them. Things like, getting traffic to your site, affiliate programs etc. It is also a way to get some new links to your websites and a little bit of traffic.

The question is however, how much time should you be spending basically creating content for another website. This is a difficult question. If you have a hugely popular website, you probably wouldn’t bother with trying to get traffic from a site like hubpages and would spend all of your time on your own website. If you are like most of us, you probably need to spend quite a bit of your time writing comments on other blogs, participating in forums and writing articles on other websites to get extra links and traffic.

The advantage of writing content on another site like Hubpages or Squidoo is that it will get indexed by Google very quickly and if the keywords are not too competitive, it might even be easy to rank for some long tail phrases. It’s probably a good idea not to put your best articles up on another website, but perhaps write a teaser article that links to your website to get people to click through. If you just want to make money, include plenty of affiliate links.

Unfortunately for me I haven’t made any affiliate sales yet, but I am having fun with it for now, so will stick with it for a bit more.