I just came back from a trip around the beautiful Halong Bay. One thing about traveling is that not only do you get to see some interesting places, but you also get the opportunity to meet some interesting people from around the world.

One couple I met on the trip, have a property management business in Nelson, New Zealand. They manage 180 properties in the city. They have a great deal of experience in real estate investing and property management. Some of the tenant stories were pretty amazing. Some of the properties they manage are for people on low incomes and government benefits, so I am sure you can imagine the types of problems they have to face everyday. During their trip, one of their properties became vacant after a tenant was sent to jail!

They didn’t go into too many details, but it sounded like they also had a sizeable property portfolio of their own. You could spend thousands of dollars on property investing seminars, but I believe that you just can’t compare a seminar with spending time talking with an experienced investor. He told me is part of a property investing group, that regularly meet to discuss property and investing.

I am fairly sure that wherever you are in the world you can find such a group and meet up with experienced investors. A much better option than paying thousands of dollars to a property guru.