I heard from a friend that Sony is working on a new PSP model. I thought that it was a bit hard to believe since the new PS3 has already been delayed several times.

However, with so many new electronic gadgets being released all the time it is imperative that companies keep releasing new products. The i-pod mini was discontinued in little over a year and replaced with the Nano.

I went to Google and found this site about a new rumoured “Sony PSi“. (The ‘i’ standing for ‘interactive’).

If they created a new model, they could well call it “PSP2”, but to me that would be fairly un-original. PSi has a nice ring to it, and brings back memories of the success Docomo had with “i-mode”.

So why spend time thinking of what a company might call its new products? I am sure there are a few potential possibilities, but one I have been thinking about is purchasing product releated domain names. I have already bought a few PSi related names with the view of setting up sites related to the product.

The key to being successful I believe is to be one of the first to create a community site around the product with a nice keyword domain.