I feel like my rhythm of posting here has broken over the last few days. I have always tried to maintain almost daily postings, but I do sometimes get distracted. I have been busy at work lately and my mum will be visiting me here in Tokyo in a couple of weeks.

For quite a while, I just visited the direct pages of my favorite blogs, but lately I have been relying on bloglines to bring me update to date on the latest news in the blogosphere. It is a great product, but I realized so many bloggers writing posts on what they just read on another blog. I have done it quite a bit, but after using bloglines for a while now, I don’t feel like I have much else to say.

Perhaps I will just write more on what I am doing. I bought a pretty nice review component for Joomla tonight, which I trying to get my head around. I plan on using it on my new travel site. I have also started an ESL (English teaching) job site.

I bought the domain a while ago and have just gotten around to doing something with it. I am getting more and more visitors to my Japan job site, so it kind of makes to sense to keep trying to rinse and repeat things that have been successful with a similar niche.

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